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 February 18, 2022

It’s not Sheol – a dark temporary place and then nothing forever. That’s wrong. Death is a state of mind unconnected to the material world. A thought-form of consciousness, something bigger in nature.

Do not be afraid, I’ve been there and it’s wonderful. There is something like a judgment in that every aspect of your life is like a beam of light with thousands of such beams converging providing you with a complete understanding. But judgment is too harsh of a word, there is no criticism or condemnation only your understanding and acceptance. You become that something higher in nature and with that you understand; there is nothing more to be known.

The question becomes can you reach that state of mind while still in the material plane? Yes, but only if you mentally disconnect yourself from the material; this is the most difficult of all tasks. Your senses and your mental functions all take you outward into the world. You turn this inward until you no longer exist in this world. Then, and only then, will you reach that higher state of consciousness.

As in chapter 11 in the Bhagavad Gita where Krishna shows Arjuna his true form. Krishna tells Arjuna, ‘you cannot see Me with your present eyes. Therefore I give to you divine eyes by which you can behold’ me.’ Arjuna, being alive in the material world, cannot see the true form of Krishna, he is limited by his state of mind – his consciousness. So Krishna ‘gives’ Arjuna that fourth state of mind, which he calls the Universal Mind, so Arjuna can perceive the unperceivable.

Unfortunately you won’t reach this state of mind, this consciousness, by sitting in a pew and listening to the Reverend or Rabbi preaching you the word of God. Jesus only taught 12 people, his disciples, and to the rest he spoke in parables because, he said, they have ears and hear not. All these religions, bar none, deteriorate rapidly. The teachings are forgotten and watered down until all that exists are mere rituals. And while they contain elements of truth people, teachers cannot help you because in the end no one can help you, you must do it yourself.

For me this was not deliberate, this state happened as a result of complete physical and mental exhaustion. A three day period of extreme mental anguish augmented by lack of sleep and food resulting in something unimagined; a look at ‘the other side.’

 If you’re aware that there is something more than what you see, how do you make use of that? What is to be done? The thinking mind has the answer, research and define and sort this out from that.

What you will find is that there is a coherent method for understanding how to ‘stop the mind.’ It’s not the distorted views of Freud or more recent attempts like Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It’s an ancient system called Astanga Yoga. This is a well thought out system which states at the very beginning that ‘Yoga is the cessation of the modifications of the mind field.’ This is the goal and the source material is the Yoga Sutras.

The Yoga Sutras outline a system that progresses from where ever you are right now to the end state. That end state, the cessation of the mind, is the higher state of mind, a super consciousness.

Do not be afraid, it’s wonderful.

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